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Kawaii Sozai Links
Wednesday, October 26, 2011 | 8:06 PM | 0 Love
Hororin makes cute kawaii website scripts. Tons of cute web material. Site in Japanese. Just click *pages* then click the various links to veiw. LINK: Hirorin

Cute Japanese Web graphics. Site is in Japanese and English :) . They have tons of webmaterial for your myspace, tumblr, blog or website. LINK: Little House

Nori's web material has tons of kawaii graphics and icons. They also have a cute layout with bears XD. Well anyway heres the link . LINK: Nori's

Sweet vase is yet another web material site. This is in english however. I found the websote cute. Heres the link.  LINK : Sweet Vase

Choco-Choco has holiday kawaii web material pixels. Lots of them are animated which I found cool. They have hundreds of pixels for blogger. LINK : ChocoChoco
Hami-san has many Kawaii Pixels and Materials as well as order products. Her materials are free but her orders are not. Very Kawaii Design. LINK: Hami-san
 LizVivian has tons of pixels. Site is in Japanese but easy to navigate. You see that pixel with the two marsmellow looking things. Thats from LizVivian. LINK: Liz-san

Sakura Pops  page has kawaii skectch style graphics like the one to the left of this sentence. Its from the site. Heres the link. LINK : Sakura Pop
OMG!  Sweet Cotton has the most kawaii website in the whole freak'in world!
Check out their pixels. LINK: Sweet Cotton

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