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Kpop and Anime Links For You:)
Saturday, October 8, 2011 | 12:53 PM | 0 Love
Here are some more awesome links for you :)

  Kpop news is a  website that shares all the KPop and Korean Drama news you could ever need. They have tons of articles and promos for their users. From B2ST to SISTAR they have all the news and updates off all the stars on one place.  LINK :kpop News

Kawaii Hannah is a website that has tons of anime and chibi pixels. They are so cute to veiw and you can veiw her tutorials and resources to make some of your own. The website is very well designed and has tons of art to veiw.  LINK :Kawaii Hannah

100 K Pixels have tons of cute pixel graphics you can veiw or add to your website or blog.
The website is mostly in Japanese so you might need a translator to translate a little bit. Tons of web resources availible.    LINK: 100 K pixels

Shop for Cute, Anime and Christian style t-shirts and products and PandaPad.Com!
Panda Pad.com is a website full of kawaii things. Its a shop with cute buttons, tshirts, postcards, stationary, speakers, shoes and mobile cases. Great prices.
LINK : Panda Pad

Bubble Tea Adoptions is a website where you can adopt your very own bubble tea for your website or blog. They have a few cute mini pixels availible for you to choose. LINK: Boba Tea Adoption

            Mankei Neko is a website where you can veiw or adopt your own Maneki Neko Pixel. They also have Sushi adoptables. I love the pixels very much. LINK : Mankei Neko    

             Itsy Bitsy is a website where you can  go through the kawaii city collectinng pixels such as Kirby, Hello Kitty, and Kawaii Cats as you go.  You can access the city by clicking the tabs on the left hand side.    LINK: ItsyBitsy                        

   Cannelle is a anime web designers webpage that has tons of graphics, icons and a gallery. A great pixel website with many many adoptions. Cannelle has a deviant art also. LINK: Cannelle      

Polka Dots is a very very very cool web blog with pixels and ann's toy box full of adoptables. I loved the design of her website. You can navigate through the polaroids.

Orisinal is a game site with tons of cute mini games. I lost track of time on this website. They have tons of cute themed games for play.
                                                      LINK: Orisinal

Korea Yahoo : Korean Yahoo with tons of websites and cute graphics. Also various dress up games.

Metamorphose Clothing : Metamorphose sells Japanese Lolita and Kawaii clothing straight from Japan. I found this link in Japan's KERA magazine.

          Tokyo Food Page is a blog that features many japanese                                   resturants in Japan. A great site to see if you would like to veiw heres the link. LINK: Tokyo Food

Oriland Origami : This is an origami site with like 567 origami items. Attend
oriversity to learn how to make them.

 Snut is a great flash games and very very cute graphics! Worth your visit! Here is the link to this great website. Link  Fun Game

Paper Museum  a Japanese Web site with web materials, pixels, and its also a shop. Tons of stickers.

Mall Mococo is a website that features pixels and web materials. The site is in Japanese but is fairly easy to navigate. LINK: Mococo

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