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Kawaii Tumblrs :)
Saturday, February 9, 2013 | 1:22 PM | 0 Love
Here are some really cute pixel tumblrs.
They have a ton of Kawaii pixels for your website and your tumblr.
Check them out.

Link: Pixel Stuck
Pixel Stuck is a tumblr collection of pixels from all across the internet.
Lace bows, Anime Pixels, Cyworld Pixels, and Scenery Pixels available.

Pixel Diary
Link: Pixel Diary
Pixel Diary in a tumblr filled with alot of kawaii pixels and backgrounds.
One of the largest pixel collections I've seen on tumblr.
                They have large and small pixels. Kawaii pixels, emoticons, backgrouns and text
                are available.

Princess Pixel
Princess Pixel has a large variety of not just pixels, but kawaii text emoticons as well.
Sailor Moon, Hello Kitty, Cyworld, and Disney Characters fill this page.
Go check them out :) Very Kawaii ^^

Pixel Faggot
Pixel Faggot has a ton of blog and tumblr graphics. They also have some kawaii pixels and sozai scattered thoughout. Lots of sushi and cyworld pixels. Check them out.

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